Logo Design Do’s And Don’ts

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By Kelly Rayduta
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June 22, 2023

Your company logo is your first impression and a point of recognition for consumers. Such a crucial component needs to make a strong first impression, be attention-grabbing, memorable and one that also distinguishes you from your competition.

To assist you with what can be the complex process of logo design we have come up with some simple do’s and don’t’s.


Define and research your audience
You want your logo to appeal directly to your target audience and to achieve this you must first understand who they are and what would grab their attention. You can then use this information to give you some ideas to form your design upon.

Strive for something different
Your logo is a great way to distinguish yourself from your competitors and whilst it is important to know what others have designed, be careful that inspiration does not manifest in a similar looking design.

Decide which logo type you want. There are several different types of logo design that you could choose to utilise in your design. Why not take a look at our blog ‘different types of logo and choosing the right one for my business’ where we go through each one and explore their differences.

The Logo Design Process

Sketch. The exploration phase is an important part of any design process. Sketch and experiment with different ideas, have fun with it and let your creative juices flow.

Do your first designs in black and white. The right colour can really bring your logo to life, but it is initially helpful to know how it looks in black and white. Once you have a design try printing it in black and white to see what it looks like. If your design is too busy or difficult to read, then it is time to go back to the drawing board.

Study colour psychology. There has been a vast amount of research done on the psychology of colours, how they make us feel and the different traits that are commonly associated with each one. Due to this, it is vital your choice of colour aligns with your company values and target audience. Why not take a look at our blog, ‘how to choose your brand colour palette’ where we discuss this topic in detail.

Avoid unnecessary words. If your logo includes words make sure that they are not too long and distract from the overall design. Simplicity is key to ensuring your logo remains impactful and legible.

Choose your font wisely. If your design includes typology you will need to decide on a font type you wish to use. Your choice should reflect how you want your target audience to view and relate to your company. Do you want to come across as modern and bold or maybe create a handwritten font to come across as more personal and unique?

Play around with caps or lowercase. These may be small details, but they can make all the difference to your design. Something as simple as playing around with caps and lowercase could elevate your logo to a whole other level. You can also tie this into your chosen style of brand voice, for example, using uppercase within your logo to give a nod to your authoritative brand persona.

Align all your elements. Ensure that every aspect of your logo (picture, mascot, company name, tagline) fits nicely together and is well balanced so that it is aesthetically pleasing and looks professional.

Create variations and alternate logos. Once you have your final design it is useful to have some variations of it to give you some versatility. Your logo will be used in different places and on a number of platforms, for example, a letter header, your website, a business card, your social media profiles. Be sure to also re-create your logo design for mobile to maintain the same consistency and proportions.

Get feedback. It is always good to get an impartial opinion and there is always value in gaining someone else’s perspective. Particularly if you have been embroiled in this creative process alone ensure you seek feedback from colleagues or those closest to you.

Logo Design Don’ts

Use a logo generator or clip art. This might seem like a cheap and easy option rather than going through the painstaking design process yourself, especially if you do not feel you are a particularly creative person. However, your logo should represent your business and be unique to help distance your brand from others in the same market. Falling into the trap of using an online logo generator or clip art graphic will provide you with a generic, off-the-shelf logo. Not only portraying your company as uncaring and unauthentic but also unprofessional, not exactly the brand identity you are looking to achieve.

Be too literal. Logo design is your perfect opportunity to develop something original and creative. Be clever with your design for example, the Nike Swoosh is a fluid checkmark shape that is meant to indicate movement and speed. The image also resembles a wing and gives a nod to the brand name, Nike, named after the Greek goddess of victory.

Follow trends. Be careful not to associate your logo with a current trend. Trends constantly come and go, whereas you want to think longevity. The last thing you want is a logo that will no longer be relevant to your company within the next year or so.

Add too much detail. The strongest brands have simplistic yet strong logos, usually focusing on one key feature. The more complicated your design, the greater the risk that it may lose impact and become less recognisable, not to mention more costly to replicate.

Use numerous styles of font. A good rule of thumb is to keep the fonts to a maximum of two so as to avoid producing something that is incohesive or illegible.

Use too many colours. Your choice of colour is fundamentally important, and its use can really help to make your logo stand out from the crowd. However, too many, particularly when your logo is displayed on a smaller platform such as mobile could make your logo difficult to interpret. When it comes to your logo design, it’s best to keep your logo design to two or three colours tops.

Overcomplicate it. Ultimately when it comes to logo design more is less. You want your logo to make a great first impression and grab your target audience’s attention eventually over time becoming instantly recognisable and memorable. An intricate or artistic design might be tempting in the pursuit of looking impressive however it just will not deliver the same instantaneous visual impact.


Logo design is by no means a quick and easy task for any company to undergo, there are many factors to consider and this can become time-consuming as the process becomes a matter of trial and error. If you do not have the time, need some help with your design so far or are reluctant to undertake such a daunting task yourself then why not take a look at our logo design services here at Accentuate.

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