About Accentuate Agency

Our mission:
Get your business found by your dream (and paying) customers on Google
When you’re an ecommerce brand or online retailer, we get that you’re reliant on driving quality traffic to your website for sales. So, it’s only natural that…
You want to:
  • Rank higher in the SERPs (ideally at #1)
  • Attract leads that are going to buy what you’re selling
  • Achieve a return on your marketing investment and build your business
You don't want to:
  • Rank for keywords no one is searching for
  • Bid on keywords so broad that you might actually lose money
  • Spend hours on SEO and in Google Ads when there are so many other things to do

and while we're at it...  

You don’t want to be bamboozled by technical jargon either (and in SEO and PPC, there is a lot 🤯)

OR be left high and dry, after an enthusiastic start, wondering how your website and ads are performing…

Especially when you have an important update meeting coming up (where your boss could pop in at any moment) and you’re responsible for results.

Let’s put the record straight 

SEO and PPC marketing isn’t a mystical or dark art. There is no “secret sauce”.
It’s purely logical.
Consistency pays off.
Data doesn’t lie.
And that’s why we love ❤️ it 
Google wants the best pages at the top of the SERPs
Let’s make sure they’re yours
Dedicated to AAO (aka Accentuate Agency Optimisation 🤩)
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Accentuate Agency is the specialist SEO and PPC agency for ambitious ecommerce businesses ready for next level growth.
We offer done for you SEO and PPC management and done with you SEO and PPC consultancy, depending on your needs and budget.

You’ll work with a growing team of search marketing experts with a passion for all things SEO and PPC.

And you’ll regularly hear us saying things like…
Kelly - Accentuate Agency
“Isn’t it exciting to think that you could beat someone on Google?” 
Kelly Rayduta,
Managing Director
Jessica - Accentuate Agency
“I love the satisfaction of knowing that page is at number one because of the work we’ve done.”
Jessica Rayduta,
Director of Finance and Operations and PPC Specialist
Greg Rayson
“SEO is always fun.There’s always something to learn. You’re constantly challenging yourself and trying new things to see what works.”
Greg Rayson,
Senior Digital Marketing Executive and SEO Specialist
Call us “geeks” and “a little bit competitive” if you will (you wouldn’t be the first 😜)...

But we love how making small, consistent tweaks to SEO and PPC can have a HUGE impact on your traffic and bottom line.
Your success is our success.
SEO case study Viezu

“It’s always a good conversation with the team at Accentuate Agency.

Their explanations and reports on the work they’ve done and what they’ve achieved are better than most places I’ve worked with in the past.

Other businesses would have a hard time competing with that level of communication.”

James Gregory
You’ll love working with us because:
1. All decisions are driven by data…
We don’t stick our finger in the air and hope for the best.

We analyse and evaluate data points including traffic, conversions, impressions, page rank, to guide our next steps and get the best results for you.
2. AND user experience (UX)
In the early days of Accentuate Agency, MD Kelly offered branding and design services. (She has a first degree in Visual Communication - Graphics.)

Search marketing eventually stole her heart, but UX and design still play a fundamental role in our strategies and activities.
3. We understand your pressures with supply chain and stock control
Before joining the Accentuate team, Jess, Director of Finance and PPC Specialist, worked in Supply Chain Management.

When you have excess product in your warehouses and distribution centres, it's costing you. We can help you develop SEO and PPC strategies to sell specific products so you can make space for more profitable or seasonal goods.
4. We keep up to date so you don’t have to
With algorithm and service changes, as well as developments in AI, there’s always something new in search marketing.

You won’t have to worry about reading pages of Google updates. We do it for fun.

Also, as members of NatWest’s Entrepreneur Accelerator, we understand how search marketing fits into your wider business goals (such as securing external investment) and how it can help you to scale and grow.
5. You get regular reports and clear communication  
We’re passionate about transparency.

You get access to ClickUp dashboards, our project management software, and a monthly video report so you can see exactly what we’re doing, and where your investment is going

We’re also on hand for weekly meetings if your project requires it.
6. We make SEO and PPC fun (or so we’re told 😂)
Yes, SEO and PPC can seem technical and complex, but we’re on a mission to share our passion and make them more human friendly.

When you choose us, we become an extension of your team. We care that you achieve your goals and work hard to make it happen.
Are we a good fit?
We are if you:
You want to:
  • Are an ecommerce business with a bold brand voice and personality with ambitions to grow
  • Value long term relationships and open communication 
  • Believe in fairness and equality (Kelly and Jess are a married couple)
  • Enjoy hot chocolate and sweet treats (ours are gluten-free 😋)
  • Love animals too (bonus points for cats 🐈‍⬛ and rabbits 🐰)
Get found on Google by people who are ready to buy what you’re selling.
If you want to 
  • Improve your search rankings
  • Develop a steady stream of better quality traffic
  • Attract leads that are going to buy what you’re selling
  • Achieve a better return on your investment
Then it's time to talk
Accentuate Agency, Eleven Brindley Place, 2 Brunswick Square, Birmingham, B1 2LP
Company Number: 12588396 | VAT number: GB368570559
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