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If you need help with a website development project, get in touch.
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Do you need help with a website development project?

Whether you need a new business website or you have an existing website that needs to be redeveloped. We have over 10 years of experience in website development and can tailor our solution to your exact requirements.

We have experience with different code and can build a website on a platform that best suits your needs including:
  • WordPress website development
  • Shopify website development
  • Custom coded website development
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Are there different types of website development and which one does my business need?

The age of your business, size of business and what your business does will impact the type of website you need.
starter business website development
A starter business website could be a single page to direct users to that overviews what you do and how you get in touch or it could be multiple pages that overview the core of what your business does.
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Ecommerce website development
An ecommerce website development is for businesses that are selling products. An ecommerce business website could be for a startup or established business but it has core online shop functionality.
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existing website redevelopment
Redeveloping an existing website has more intricacies. It's crucial for SEO to ensure that you take a copy of all of the URLs on your old website and manage the process of moving or redirecting them.
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Website Design
Choose from either a static or a live visualisation of your new website so that you know exactly how your new website will look.

☑️ User research
☑️ Visual mockups
☑️ Designs for desktop and mobile
Website Testing
Thorough website testing is important to identify any visual, functional or capacity issues. We conduct the following tests:

☑️ Desktop website testing
☑️ Mobile website testing
☑️ Browser website testing
☑️ Capacity testing
☑️ Website speed testing
Website Development
Our websites are clean coded and efficient to give you fast load speeds.  They are:

☑️ Built with the end user in mind.
☑️ Fully responsive
☑️ Professional
Website Launch
When we are all happy with the website tests, it's then time to launch. On launch we carry out:

☑️ Final test
☑️ Configure an SSL certificate
☑️ Enhance security
☑️ Add all relevant DNS records

What are the 4 phases of a website development?

There are 4 core stages to a website development project. Each of them play a crucial part in the overall success of your new website.
How to choose a good website host for your new website development project
It's important when choosing a website host to choose a reliable, responsive and recommended supplier.

Our website development builds are stored on our UK based, secure, dedicated service to deliver fast load speeds and enhanced security.

If you need help and advice with website hosting, then get in touch.
Need help with your website development project?


In order to provide a quote on a website development project, it's important to understand your requirements to create an accurate specification.

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Website Development Frequently Asked Questions

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Need help with a website development project

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