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Rise up through the rankings. Attract more quality leads.
Boost your sales.
Accentuate Agency is the SEO and PPC agency for ambitious ecommerce businesses ready for next level growth.
You’re in good company:
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Who wants to be number 1 on Google? 🙋🏼‍♀️

More to the point, who doesn’t?!

You’re ready for that steady stream of high quality traffic - potential customers who are ready to buy now.

And you’re ready for the kudos and credibility of seeing your name in all the top spots (especially important when you’re aiming for external investment.).

But it’s not as easy as that, is it?
Identifying keywords which don’t cannibalise other keywords or categories
Meta descriptions.
Image compressing…
Optimising site speed.
Tens, hundreds or even thousands of product descriptions.

How are you going to get there?

When it comes to SEO and PPC marketing, there’s always so much to do. Even more so when you’re in ecommerce.


And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Talk about SEOverwhelm 🤯

Then there’s PPC. Get your ad campaigns right and it’s like turning on a tap of quality leads.

Get it wrong and you could be burning through money for all the wrong kinds of clicks.
Imagine handing that stress over to someone else AND see your website climb up the SERPs….
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"Accentuate’s off page SEO work drives increased traffic"

“Having another viewpoint is really valuable, particularly from a customer experience perspective

The off page SEO activity enables us to put our products, brand name and links in places that are high value in terms of traffic and reputation. We hadn’t considered some of the listings before working with Accentuate Agency but it has definitely been worth doing.

We’re seeing really high traffic for certain product pages we’re focusing on and the keywords we’re targeting are all increasing nicely. That’s in no short part due to Accentuate’s work..

The SEO and organic traffic that’s coming through search is definitely showing dividends.”

James Gregory

Get ready to improve your rankings!

What?! You mean you don’t read about Google’s latest updates for fun?! 😉😂
We get it. Not everyone loves SEO and PPC as much as we do.

Good news: You don’t have to. Think of us as your new slightly geeky, search-obsessed team mates.

Here are the ways we can work together:

SEO Management for ecommerce: Get found organically

SEO shouldn’t be a one-time, tick-box activity. It’s not only about keyword research either.

Just like the gym, for best results consistency pays off (it’s called search engine optimisation for a reason 😜). Then you’ll get found without paying a penny for ads.

We take care of technical, on page and off page SEO to set you up for long term success. So you don’t have to.

PPC management for ecommerce: Jumpstart your sales pipeline

Investing in PPC shows the world you mean business. You’re not content to sit back and wait for leads. You’re going out to get them.

But for best results, PPC takes time and careful management.

We don’t just set up the ads, turn them on and leave. We constantly monitor your keywords, control your budget, and analyse what is (and isn’t) working to refine your campaign. So you get the traffic that’s most likely to convert into sales.

SEO and PPC management for ecommerce: Dominate the search results

SEO and PPC doesn’t have to be an either/or option.

Combined, they are a powerful force, working together so you’re found at the top of paid and organic search results. Talk about being seen!

If you’re selling a seasonal product or service, we’ll use your off-peak season to get everything updated and ready SEO-wise, so you’re found organically when demand peaks again (Hello Black Friday and Christmas!).

Pair this with a focused and well-timed ad campaign, then watch the leads flood in 🤑
viezu and accentuate agency

“Google Ads were always a bit scary to me, especially in terms of budget control.

However, the team at Accentuate Agency really reassured me and put limits in place.

The communication and reporting are great. Now I can see hard numbers and proof that the ads are working and sales are coming through because of them.

Accentuate doesn't feel like an external provider to us. They are like team members.”

Nadia Rashid

SEO and PPC consultancy: Expert guidance and support to set you up for search success

Stuck on where to start? Need a hand to figure out a way forward? We’ve got you.

Our SEO and PPC consultancy services sets you up with a solid plan and strategy - perfect if you want to manage your own SEO and/or PPC, or if you don’t have the budget for full SEO and PPC management (yet).

You also get monthly technical support and up to 3 hours of meetings per month so you can ask us questions, keep on track and hit your search marketing goals (because consistency is key 😉).

Three steps to search success

Forget SEO for a moment.
Let us introduce you to our tried and tested SOE process:
1. Set solid foundations
We’ll take time to understand your business goals and desired outcomes.

For SEO, we’ll draw up an SEO roadmap and conduct a technical audit, fixing any issues that arise. We’ll conduct keyword research, on-page SEO analysis and niche backlink research.

For PPC, we’ll make sure that your Google Merchant Centre is set up (and any red flags are resolved). We’ll conduct keyword research, set targets, and set up conversion tracking (or audit existing tracking).

We’ll also create your new campaign(s) and all ads.
2. Optimise your existing assets
When the foundations have been set, next we’ll change and tweak your existing content, keywords and meta and product descriptions for better performance.

For SEO, this could include combining some of your blog posts, optimising your Google My Business information, or ensuring all images have ALT tags for website accessibility.

For PPC, we’ll manually monitor your ads to see how well they are converting and adjust them accordingly to hit your goals.
3. Explore your next steps
When everything that can be optimised has been optimised, then we’ll explore your next steps.

For SEO, this could be writing new blog and page content, or developing a new off page SEO strategy to boost your authority in places your ideal customer visits.

For PPC, if we’ve been focusing on search ads, this could mean trying shopping or retargeting ads. Or it could mean trying new keywords.

And then we’ll keep optimising!

No surprises (unless it’s your birthday 🎂)

We’re passionate about transparency.

Activity is planned with you up front each month, prioritising tasks which will make the biggest impact on your business goals.

You will always get to sign off your strategy before we start implementation.

You get a monthly report and access to ClickUp to show exactly what we’ve been doing for you.
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Your team just got SE-Oh-so bigger…

We’re a specialist SEO and PPC marketing agency for ambitious ecommerce brands who are ready for next level growth.

We love all things search marketing (including the occasional cheesy SEO pun), and building strong, long-term relationships with our clients, so much so it’s like you’ve got extra team members.

Your success is our success
viezu and accentuate agency

“I’ve really enjoyed working with Accentuate Agency. They’re not only experts in their field, but they are very friendly and genuinely care and want to help.”

David McKenzie

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Free SEO and PPC Audit

Get quick fixes to immediately improve your site’s search ranking

Find out what’s working well and what can be improved in your free SEO and PPC audit. You will get:
  • Video report covering SEO and PPC actionable quick wins.
  • A 30-minute, no obligation, follow up call so you can ask follow up questions

"The free SEO audit from Accentuate Agency gave me expert insights and actionable recommendations.

Kelly and the team are really engaging, easy to talk to and explain everything clearly."

James Gregory
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