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Financial Services Website Design

Our client was looking for a digital partner who had experience with financial services website design and the ability to build lead generation websites to maximise the leads generated through a website.
Financial services website design

"Improving website performance usability & functionality"

Cap Ex is a group of tax specialists that utilise the expertise of specialists to create and supply detailed reports to understand HMRC guidelines and to help clients gain access to available grants, tax credits and allowances available to them.

Accentuate was appointed to rebuild their existing website, improving its performance, usability and functionality, developing a custom SDLT calculator.

Custom coded SDLT calculator

SDLT custom coded website development - Screenshot 1
SDLT custom coded website development - Screenshot 2
SDLT custom coded website development - Screenshot 3
SDLT custom coded website development - Screenshot 4

Using javascript to handle complex calculations in backend development

Cap Ex needed an SDLT calculator that would give potential clients visibility on the original SDLT along with the potential savings. Calculations had different variables that impacted the potential savings that we handled with javascript in the code.
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