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At Accentuate we understand that not every business is the same, so neither should your SEO Strategy be. We create bespoke strategies to help your business be found by potential customers using search results pages (SERPS) to discover businesses and brands.
Improve your Websites Ranking & Traffic
We work with different types of companies to help you increase your website's visibility. We can help you be seen on the search engine results pages, both in your local area, in other parts of the country, and all around the world. Our tailored to you plans focus on 4 core areas of SEO: On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, Technical SEO and Content SEO.

Our SEO Strategy

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On-Page SEO analyses the content of the pages on your website. This covers a range of things from meta tags, and title tags, to user experience, and how good the engagement rate is. On-Page SEO also looks at what current user's search intent is and how well the clickthrough rate to your website is performing showing areas for improvement and optimisation via SEO.
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Off-Page SEO is everything that is external to your website that affects how high up on search engine results pages your website appears. This includes things like how other websites think of you, for example, if you have a blog with backlinks (links to your website from other websites), search engines can see this as an indicator that you have valuable content.
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Technical SEO focuses on the ability of spider crawlers to crawl your website URLs (XML sitemap) and the performance of your website. We measure your website performance, accessibility, best practices and SEO which includes how mobile-friendly your site is, how fast it loads and its overall usability. Improving all of these also helps to improve your organic ranking.
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Successful content SEO requires data driven strategy and technical implementation. There are different content types that can drive traffic to your website including blog posts, infographics, articles, lists, glossaries, videos and guides.
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SEO Strategies That Drive Results
Off-page SEO refers to all SEO tactics that don't involve working on your website. These strategies include directory building, for example, media companies could list in a UK business directory to form part of their local SEO strategy, brand building, content marketing and citation building. The purpose of these strategies is to build a website’s authority, trust, and relevance.
How does off-page SEO work?
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Exceeding Expectations

We use Accentuate to manage all of our marketing. They are a hard-working, reliable team who always delivers on time, not only meeting but exceeding expectations. They keep up to date with the latest digital trends and take an omnichannel approach to ensure that our user experience is consistent across all our digital platforms.

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I set up my new company in October 2020 and a website was the missing link. Kelly, Laney & the whole team at Accentuate Agency have shown great patience and professionalism when dealing with me and I would not hesitate to recommend Accentuate Agency for all things website and SEO-related.

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