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Is SEO Dead?

If you’ve spent any time working on your digital marketing, you’ll know that it evolves at a rapid pace. This is especially the case when it comes to SEO. What used to work for online businesses a decade ago may not work now. Depending on the strategy, it could even be penalised by Google and affect your rankings.

Kelly Pierduta (Posted 21 days ago)

For that reason, it’s essential that you or your SEO expert keeps up with the latest advances in technology, Google algorithms and search trends so you can get the best results for your business.

So, are reports of the death of SEO greatly exaggerated? What are the SEO strategies that do work? And which are outdated? Let’s take a look.

The SEO strategies that don’t work

Focusing only on link building

In the early days of SEO, the more links you had to your website, the better. You’d get more attention, rank higher on Google and attract more potential customers.

But these days it’s all about quality. You need to be linking to high-quality, authoritative websites that add value. Spam isn’t going to cut it.

Wanting to rank number one

Becoming number one in the search rankings doesn’t mean that you will get the website visitors you want. Your website could still be buried pages deep in the rankings.

These days it’s also about featured snippets, question boxes and ads. Improving your click-through rate should be your focus in 2021, not ranking number one.

Going crazy over one focus keyword

Whatever you do, avoid keyword stuffing. Don’t use those awkwardly phrases sentences and headlines just to include as many keywords as you possibly can.

Whilst that was a popular black-hat SEO tactic years ago, it just won’t work now. You need to be creating useful content that flows, engages with your reader, adds value and is easy to read.

Bigger isn’t better

It’s not about creating a huge website with hundreds of pages, just to attract customers. Again, it’s about providing value to your customers and creating useful, engaging content that answers their problems. You can rank for multiple keywords, regardless of the size of your website.

SEO strategies that DO work

Putting user experience (UX) at the core of your strategy

User experience is key when it comes to effective SEO marketing. By ensuring the visiting your website provides value to your visitors’ lives, you are more likely to attract and convert your customers.

Taking a long-term focus

Growing your online visibility is a long game. It takes time to grow your traffic and rank highly on Google. If you want to reach page one, you’re looking at months or even years. Patience is key.

High-quality content

Always create high-quality content for your customers that answers their questions, provides value, speaks their language and builds trust.

When you do so, always start with the end goal- what do you want your users to do on your website? Download your eBook? Subscribe to your newsletter? Purchase a product?

Also, consider what platform (ie. social media, your own website, a newsletter) you are writing for and create your content accordingly.

Research your topics

Don’t let keywords dominate your content. Always do your research around the topic before you start writing. This will help ensure your website visitors get the information they are looking for and decide to stick around.

Here at Accentuate, we can help you optimise your SEO strategy, find the right keywords and generate the revenue you deserve. Contact us to find out more.

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Kelly Pierduta
Kelly Pierduta

Kelly Pierduta is the Managing Director of Accentuate Ltd and a Contributing Editor to publications on SEO, UX/UI and branding across the UK.

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