Your Questions Answered

Your enquiry is really important to us so we will always respond to your enquiry within 48 hours, always sooner if we are able to. Danielle is always the first point of call with all new enquiries who will send an email to arrange a suitable time that you can discuss your project with us. We really care about your vision and goals so this is one of the key parts of the process and we invest time in really understanding your needs, requirements, and future aspirations.

For any project we work on, there are 4 core stages that are: Discovery Session, Plan & Research, Design & Development and Launch & Track.


The Accentuate Process

Through our experience, the more collaboratively we work with you, the more successful the project. This is because your thoughts and feedback are important and we need this in order to ensure your requirements will be met. At key milestones, we go through an official sign off process, where we require your approval to ensure the project will meet all of your requirements before we move onto the next stage of the process.