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Choosing The Right Logo For Your Business

There are many different types of logo and it’s important to remember that a logo is not just an image that symbolises your company. It is your first impression, a point of recognition, and ultimately the foundation of your company branding.

Every company strives to make a strong first impression, be attention-grabbing and memorable. A logo that easily distinguishes you from your competition. A logo is just one building block in the journey of creating a reputable company brand but it is important to create the right logo for your company.

To make this step even more complex, there are also many different types of logo designs to choose from and the question is ‘where do you start?!’. Don’t worry, we are here to help and this blog explains each type of logo, how they differ, and key questions to help you determine which type will be the best for your company.

Logo Types & Styles Explained

Monogram logo

A monogram logo or lettermark as it is also known is a logo that utilises letters to create a design. The letters are usually the brand initials or first letter of a usually lengthy company name.

Monogram Logo - Yankee Logo
Monogram Logo - HP Logo
Monogram Logo - BBC Logo

Although it is a simplistic design, it is a very effective way of streamlining any company brand that has a long or particularly difficult name. In this case, the font you choose to use becomes fundamentally important as you want your overall design to remain legible and on theme with what your company does.

Wordmark logo

Similar to a lettermark, a wordmark logo is font-based however it incorporates the entire business name rather than just letters or initials.

Wordmark Logo - Google
Wordmark Logo - Coca Cola
Wordmark Logo - Visa

A distinctive company name combined with a strong font could be all you need to create a logo that not only creates a strong brand recognition but one that is also memorable to consumers.

Pictorial mark

A pictorial mark or a logo symbol, as it is also known, is a graphic based logo that represents a company and is instantly recognisable.

Pictorial Mark - Shell Logo
Pictorial Mark - Twitter Logo
Pictorial Mark - Apple Logo

As the logo itself is simply an image that represents the company, choosing what that image is can be troublesome. You need to bear in mind that whatever it is, it will need to be something that can remain with your company its entire trading life.

This type of logo may not be beneficial if you foresee any future changes to your business model such as the products you produce or the services you offer. Although it may be advantageous if you anticipate future growth into other countries and your business name is not easily translatable.

Abstract mark

Similar to a pictorial mark is uses a single image to represent your business however this is achieved using an abstract geometric form.

Abstract Mark - Pepsi Logo
Abstract Mark - Adidas Logo
Abstract Mark - Shell Logo

This avoids the potential issue around using a pictorial logo as you can create something truly unique to represent your brand and should your business model evolve your logo will remain relevant.

Mascot logo

These types of logo include an illustrated character who becomes your very own company ambassador or spokesperson.

Mascot Logo - KFC Logo
Mascot Logo - Duracell Logo
Mascot Logo - Kellogs Logo

These logos are usually fun, colourful and a fantastic way of appealing to younger audiences or families. These logos are a great tool if you wish to encourage customer interaction through events or social media hence why many sporting teams adopt this approach. However, it’s worth noting that a highly detailed illustration may be difficult and expensive to re-create throughout your marketing material.

Combination mark

As the name suggests this combines a wordmark logo with a pictorial, abstract mark or mascot.

Combination Mark - Dominos Logo
Combination Mark - xBox 360 Logo
Combination Mark - Dove Logo

This can be a very effective way of representing your business as utilising an image and text will reinforce your brand and people will immediately be able to recognise your company. It can also offer versatility as in future you may be able to use just the image as your brand becomes more memorable.

Emblem logo

Emblem logos include a name or font inside an icon, usually a badge or crest.

Emblem Logo - Starbucks Logo
Emblem Logo - Harley Davidson Logo
Emblem Logo - Porsche Logo

These types of logo can be extremely striking making your brand very distinguishable and memorable to consumers. They can be highly detailed and this, like the mascot logo, can mean that elaborate designs are difficult to reproduce, particularly on certain marketing resources such as business cards and items of branded uniform or clothing.

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