Branding Identity or Logo Design First?

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Brand Identity Logo First

When starting a new business, the eagerness to get going can mean that you quickly decide on a name, come up with a fairly simplistic logo, and start advertising! We live in such an instantaneous society these days, so add to this a couple of social media profiles and you may believe that this is all that is required to build a successful branding identity.

Of course, there are some who do, the overnight successes who become millionaires in the blink of an eye, “that could be me!”. If you are thinking of starting a new business venture, with the hope that you too will be one of the lucky ones you may end up costing yourself more money than you generate.

In the beginning

Deciding you are going to start your own business is a life-changing decision and ideally, you should adopt a long-term stance to ensure you have the strongest possible foundation to build on. Everyone who chooses to go start their own business has a mindset in wanting to achieve the optimal work/life balance, doing a job that they are passionate about plus the added benefits of choosing their own working hours, ‘being their own boss’, and ultimately, of course, wanting and striving to be successful. It’s a case of knowing what you want to achieve and setting SMART achievable goals that you work at, consistently. However, when you are first starting out it can be difficult to know where to start and which option is best for you in order to achieve your goals.

Fast out of the block

You could decide on your company name and from that design a fairly simplistic logo, enough to get you started and begin marketing your product or service. This strategy does have some positives as you can quickly gauge consumer interest, start trading, and hopefully see some return on what so far should be fairly little investment. Especially, if you are unsure as to how well your product or service will be received then this would mean there is less to lose from a financial perspective. Alternatively, should you do well get off to a good start then you will have more money coming back in to re-invest and propel your marketing further.

Slow & steady wins the race

This strategy appears like a win-win and eventually your business will hopefully progress to a stage where you can start expanding and you can even begin employing your own workforce. Despite your success, it is usually at this crucial moment where weaknesses in this strategy begin to appear. Initially, your branding was not a main concern as you strove to get your business up and running.  However, when your business grows to such levels your branding becomes particularly important. You will want to continuously appeal to new consumers, whilst establishing loyalty from returning customers and for your brand persona and messaging to be viewed as genuine and authentic.

The importance of branding identity

Branding identity plays a fundamental role in your ever-growing pursuit to become recognisable, credible, and professional. Additionally, when you reach the stage where you are employing your own staff you will want your brand values to be clear and concise as they will become your very own business representatives.

Increasing success will determine the growing reproduction of your company’s visuals, including your logo, colouring, and chosen typeface. For these to look professional, of high-quality and recreated exactly will mean that you will need to establish everything with thorough brand guidelines.

Start as you mean to go on

Take some time to decide upon a fitting company name and invest in a high-quality logo. Even if you don’t initially go as far as to record all of this detail officially in brand guidelines etc, at least you will have a decent business plan for the future. A plan which will hopefully pave the way for a strong and meaningful brand identity that is not only distinguishable from your competitors but memorable for consumers and a wonderful representation of your success.

Brand identity to make you shine

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